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Peace be with you


About Me

As a Marriage and Family Therapist and Catholic, I am dedicated to supporting couples and families to find joy in the relationships that surround them.  I firmly believe everyone has the right to feel loved and find peace with each other, themselves, and God.  I am excited to support clients in discovering what makes them joyful in their relationships and to support peace and harmony within families.  


As a Catholic, I understand the unique aspects and challenges presenting those who practice our Faith and believe you have the right to feel heard and understood.  I believe in the sacredness of marriage and families, and the importance of prayer in healing and our relationship with God and each other.  


Although I am a Catholic, I have years of experience in and enjoy working with those of all faiths and backgrounds.  I am deeply respectful of all of life's journeys and honor wherever you are at and work from your perspective.  I believe you are the expert of your own life and am flexible with my therapeutic approach.  As a strengths based therapist, I  promise to remain respectful of your beliefs and life experiences.  


I would be honored to share your journey with you!


Healing rooted in peace and compassion


I believe that anxiety treated in a spirit of exploring spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional challenges, is not only impactful, but necessary.  I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, as well as supporting you to grow and strengthen your own coping skills. 


As challenging and dark as depression feels, I hold that there is always hope for change.  As St. Francis of Assisi said, "A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows."  I believe therapy can be the sunbeam to drive away the shadows!


As a family therapist, I believe in the sacredness and importance of having harmony in all your relationships, including those with yourself and with God.  I believe therapy can support healthy connections through understanding attachments and past traumas.  

Couples Therapy

I believe every couple has the right to feel connected, heard, and understood.  I use integrated couples techniques rooted in understanding and practicing healthy and positive ways to communicate and resolve conflict.    


I have several years of experience in treating trauma and abuse.  I specialize in treating sexual abuse and I believe it is critical to have a soul-body-mind approach to healing.  

Adolescent Therapy

I work with the entire family to support children to make changes.  I enjoy working with parents to feel empowered to make change within their own home, and to support a healthy and harmonious environment.  I use creative play interventions to make therapy fun and enjoyable for children and families!

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